CV Format Type

How you format a CV is as important as what the content holds because it shows your attention to detail and IT skills.


Here are some tips we have for you.


Most popular choice will be saving as a Microsoft Word document.  We recommend saving your CV in both a Word document and in PDF. It is easy to save as PDF. Ensure you have Adobe reader application. Write your CV on a Word document and when you choose ‘save as’, you will see the type of file you want to save as. Instead of Words, choose PDF.


This is important as the PDF will make it more presentable . Since many people will have different Word version and it may not be compatible with your version. Some cases we receive CVs that are unreadable or corrupted or the writing moved .  Whereas on a PDF, everything stays intact.


If you are applying directly to an employer, it is best to use PDF format.


If you applying to an agency, it is your choice, as the Recruitment Consultant will work with you to keep your CV up to date and a finalised version will be made.


How you name the CV is important too. Use your full name when you save the file name. Add in CV afterwards or before your name. This is to know that the CV belongs to you alone.


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