Email address on CV

We are now living in a world where we use technology devices every day and communication is vital to us. We mostly have more than one email addresses since we first used the internet.

Naming the email address is also very difficult if you have a common name or it’s already taken.

However, it is important to have a professional email address on your CV. Create an email address just for job searching, especially, if you want your future employer to contact you by email, it is wise to see that you are serious and not naïve with using an email which is rude or using a weird email address name. Job searching is a serious matter and you want to leave a good impression with the reader of the CV.


There are many ways to name the email address. Such as putting your full name and separating by the first and last names with full stop or dash or asterisk.  It is okay if you put in a number after the name, maybe your lucky number if the above suggestions are not available to use.

If your email service provider informed you that the name is already taken, go to another email service provider. There are many out there. Such as Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail and Apple iCloud.

Keep your email address professional will mean all the important documents are in one place for you to view.  It is great too that when you get hired, you can request to get the electronic payslips to be delivered to that email address. Great for financial reasons and it is not being jumbled up with other personal emails.  Also it is great to use on LinkedIn if you want to build up your work connections.

Remember to check your spam or junk folders from time to time. Sometimes emails will be directed to those folders since they might consider them spams as you never received emails from that addresses before.

It is also important that your email address is spelled correctly on the CV. We had so many CVs that had the incorrect contact number and email addresses which results us unable to contact them.


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