How to conduct in an interview

There are many cases where people go into interviews unprepared and their mind goes blank. Please gain your confidence by practicing your answers beforehand, research the company and remember your key strengths in why you should be suitable for the role.

It is always good to arrive 10-15 minutes before your interview timeslot. This is to show you are keen and ready for the interview.

Switch off or put your mobile phone on silent before entering the building. You never want any interruptions during the interview.

What not to do:

  • Do not talk too fast or too much or too slow and do not give one word answer.
  • Do not use fillers/slangs/swear words. For example, ‘like’ , “ummm”, “ain’it”, “f**k”.
  • Do not talk in monotone. It will bore the interviewer.
  • Fidgeting with your fingers. E.g. tapping on the table, or scratching your nails or making the finger twitch.
  • Do not slouch in the chair.
  • Do not get too animated. E.g. Expressive hand movement. You might accidentally hit the interviewer if sitting too close!!!gum
  • Do not have a mint or chewing gum in your mouth.

What to do:Handshake

  • Give a firm handshake to the interviewer.
  • Sit properly on the seat with your back straight and the body is facing towards the interviewer. This is to make the interviewer being aware that you are ready for the interview and is listening in.
  • Try to stay positive throughout the interview, keep remembering to smile from time to time.
  • Bring ‘life’ to your answers by ensuring it sounds interesting and engaging
  • Clasp your hands together or keep it still on your lap. This is to stop you from fidgeting.Breather
  • To stop from using fillers, take a breather.  Fillers are usually “full stops” in writing.  You take a break before starting a new sentence, so visual this when you provide the interviewer your answer. Taking a quick breather will refocus your mind and calm your nerves.


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