Working with Recruitment Consultants

There are thousands of recruitment agencies working alongside with various companies trying to find a right candidate for them. It is important to remember, the Recruitment Consultants will not charge you for a fee when you secure a job as we often hear these stories from candidates. The Recruitment Consultants work closely with the companies to build relationships in to order to gain a better understanding of their needs and requirements where they will pass you the relevant information to enable you to have a better understanding of the role and the company to secure the role.

Success and Honesty – Trust your Recruitment Consultant

Being honest with your Recruitment Consultant will enable you to find your next job. A good Recruitment Consultant will ensure your CV is always up-to-date for their clients and provide you with interview tips. If you have a gap on your CV, be honest and explain to the Recruitment Consultant the reason why as sometimes all gaps need to be accounted for when submitting a CV to the client.

Let the Recruitment Consultants know if you have any other interviews lined up with other companies or agencies.

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Remember, the Recruitment Consultant will always be on your side as it is important for them to find the right candidate for the right role with their client. Building a rapport with your Recruitment Consultant is imperative in securing a job right for you a lot quicker.

CVs are stories of your employment and achievements. Ensure your CV is neat and tidy but most importantly of all is to make sure you spell check your CV! A good Recruitment Consultant will make the changes for you before submitting a CV to the client but a CV tells a lot about you to a Recruitment Consultant. Attention to detail is important!

Be truthful about your salary expectations so the Recruitment Consultant knows what you are looking for or even negotiate with the client. Don’t just specify a salary and regret it afterwards when you reject a potential offer because the salary is too low for you.


Lastly, don’t tell the Recruitment Consultant yoman-field-smartphone-yellowu are interested in a
role and then ignore all communication at a certain point during the application. Communicate your needs or even if you’re not interested or accept another offer with another company. Inform your Recruitment Consultant to give them the respect just as how the Recruitment Consultant will respect you throughout the process.

Overall, being honest with your Recruitment Consultant will help you go further in your application. Recruitment Consultants are working on your behalf and if you withhold any information or lie about certain information, yourself and the Recruitment Consultant will suffer.

Working with a Recruitment Consultant is not as scary as some may think! Give it a go and with a good Recruitment Consultant you will find the whole experience very rewarding. Honesty is the key!



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