Top five tips to prepare before an interview

Top five tips to prepare before an interview

1. Carefully read fully the interview confirmation email of the date, time and location. As well as what you need to prepare or bring into the interview. Any concerns, contact the contact person immediately.


2. Check the weather the day before the interview to plan ahead the appropriate outfit to wear. Always wear smart business attire for all professional interviews – unless told otherwise.

3. Research the company’s background thoroughly. For example, go to their ‘about us’ page on their website and how you will fit in the role.

4. Practice, practice, practice your answers to questions they may ask you in the interview.

5. Always check the interview address before the day of interview. Print out the map and direction or save the address details onto your mobile phone. Find out the best route or type or transportation and journey time to get to the interview location.

Hope these tips will help you. Good luck!


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